Friday, January 11, 2013

Fridays at the Studio

I am so thankful for the freedom that my new studio space has given me.  I have the freedom to get work done, without feeling like I should really be doing laundry and cleaning the house.  Working from home is not easy, and I have come to realize that I can be incredibly productive with my own workspace away from home! I was never getting any work done at my home office because everything on my personal "to-do" list was staring at me every second of the day.  I could not separate my home life and my work life and my business was suffering for it. 

I am loving my new dedicated photography space because it allows me to give my business the attention it deserves (and needs).  I am looking forward to really growing my business in 2013 and having my own studio space is the first step in that direction.  

Another perk to having a space ALL MY OWN.....
Fridays can officially be Furry Office Assistant Day! (and, yes, Harley is wearing a pirate collar, straight from Key West, thanks to her Grandparents).

Have a great weekend! 

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