Monday, August 6, 2012

Every weekend of the year Alan will head to the coast with his boat in tow if he can. I am not always super excited to go fishing every weekend, however, when summer rolls around, and scalloping season starts up there's no where else I would rather be than on the boat headed scalloping. It's my favorite summer activity hands down (other than the post scalloping river fun...more on that later). 
For those of you not familiar with scalloping, here's a little video we shot a few weekends ago while we were on the water. 

I like to describe it as easter egg hunting in the ocean. You wear flippers, a snorkel, a mask and carry a bag with you and simply fill it up with scallops as you swim along.
Here's my first bag full from this past weekend!
Once we fill our cooler up, it's time to clean them. 
Technically, you don't have to clean them on the water, but it's easier, and you can take home more when they're already cleaned! There are limits per person and per boat. 
So, if you're wondering what we're doing every weekend until the end of September...this is probably it!
It really is the perfect way to spend a day with family and friends! Then, back home we get to spend a night around the dinner table enjoying a scallop-themed meal! 
Once we meet our limits, or feel like calling it a day, we head toward the nearby spring-fed river for some post scalloping fun. It's a constant temperature (pretty much freezing) year round, and since it's fresh water, it's the perfect way to rinse the salt off of ourselves and the boat. 
The real fun, however, is when we're lucky enough to find some friends in the river! Here's the friend we made recently. Isn't he cute?
The water is not quite as clear as it has been in years past. Here are some friends we have made in the past couple of years. 
 I hope you enjoyed seeing how we spend our summer weekends. What do you do during your summer weekends?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I have been hoping to get together a "monthly goals" post on the first of each new month for a while now. Summer was pretty hectic (and went by extremely quick)! Normally I work on a "school schedule" (since Alan is a teacher). I pretty much have used the following yearly schedule since starting college - Spring semester, Summer, and Fall Semester or actually, it's more like Football Season (we went to UGA, an SEC school that was serious about their football and now we live in South Georgia where high school football is almost as serious). 

I don't usually have an overwhelming feeling to create new year's resolutions, but, once August is here, I have a feeling of starting new. A new school year, a fresh start. I don't know if it's my love for paper, pens, and pretty much all school supplies, or just the fact that I am surrounded by so many teachers in my life (education is pretty important around every form and fashion), but I really love the start of a new school year!   

My husband Alan teaches high school physics. Sometimes I joke around when he has what I like to call a "nerd alert" (which means I don't understand a thing he is talking about). But, in all seriousness, I am so proud of what he has achieved in his three short years of teaching. He's one of the smartest people I know. This semester he starts his doctoral program (while working full-time). So, needless to say, life isn't slowing down anytime soon around here.  

So, to keep myself on track, while working full-time, running this little business on the side, and trying to keep up with things at home , I think some goals would help me stay organized and remind me what I want to achieve this month! goes nothing.

Business Goals:
  • Blog monthly goals  (Off to a good start!)
  • Create a blogging calendar and blog everyday (I am excited about this one! Now that I am no longer trying to keep up with both a business and personal blog, I feel like this goal is completely doable! It's not something to dread, because I really love to blog!)
  • Build or buy a new desk. (My current desk table is not comfortable or functional. It's a beautiful European antique, but it's just not working for me as a desk). 
  • Post on Facebook more often to help build my followers. (I'm not really concerned that I have so few followers, since my business is not that big, but there's always room for improvement). 
  • Decide on my next lens purchase (this will entail renting some different lenses to try out in order to determine what I really need to help build my business). 
  • Finish Jasmine's Exposed. (I love diving into all of her great stories, and I know I'll find something to take away from it to make my business better - I just need to MAKE the time). 
Personal Goals:
  • Continue to train every morning to prepare for a 10k I hope to run in September. (I ran the 5k last year, but I am kicking it up a notch this year - fingers crossed I don't pass out). 
  • Organize office (with new desk from above) so that Alan has a working desk when he starts back to school. 
  • Cook more. (I really love to cook, but after working all day sometimes I'm just not in the mood - note to self - get in the mood to cook more often). 
  • Start back to yoga class. (Our yoga instructor recently had a baby, so she hasn't been teaching for a while. I am so pumped to have her back! I really really love yoga and feel so much better after class - this goal will be super easy). 

And, now that this blog post has run so long, it's no longer August 1st anymore. Oh well, close enough to the beginning of the month! 

Because every post is better with a picture....
*These sweet little letters were given to me by my former high school English teacher turned really great friend. I miss her and think about her when I see these in my office. Hi Robin Mrs. Thompson!  it's just too weird to call you Robin. I have tried so many times. I hope your new school year is off to a good start.   

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