Thursday, October 27, 2011

While editing Amanda and Walker's wedding, I had to look back at Kristen and Nick's wedding photos.  Amanda (below left) got married this month, her younger sister, Kristen (below right), got married in July, just three months earlier. 

I am thankful to have married into a family of really great people, especially women.  Amanda and Kristen are Alan's cousins, and they are just two of the MANY wonderful women that make up their family.  I am so grateful to have been able to capture their wedding days that were full of love, laughter, and family.  I married into a very close, special, loving family and could not be more grateful to have them in my life. 

Kristen and Amanda were both married in the same church where their parents got married, which made for two very special and memorable wedding days.  

Amanda and Kristen, Thank you for taking me into your family with open arms and trusting me to capture BOTH of your wedding days. I am so lucky to call you family and even more thankful for your friendship.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Throughout my short photo career, I have really only photographed people I know.  People I have met before, old friends, family, friends of friends.  

During my time in college, where I majored in Publication Management with an emphasis in Photojournalism, I shot photographed strangers all of the time.  Many times, without them even knowing it, until after, when I had to ask them if I could use their name and photo. 

I had only corresponded with Jessica via e-mail prior to their engagement session on the campus of Georgia Southern University. Meeting them for the first time didn't feel like that at all.  It felt like we had been friends for years.  They are some of the nicest people I have ever met.  

I am so blessed to have amazing clients, and Jessica and Tyler are no exception.  They are the rule.  They are so sweet, and funny, and in love and I am so thankful to have spent the afternoon with them.  

Jessica and Tyler, Thank you so much for showing me your old stomping grounds.  (I could not get over how beautiful GSU's campus was).  I can't wait for your wedding in March! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

There's something about being an aunt.  Something special about having nieces and nephews to spoil.  Something special about seeing your husband interact with these little ones.  Alan and I have one niece and three nephews.  As the youngest in both of our families, our siblings have had little ones running around for a few years now.  

Two of our adorable nephews were born last year.  So, they are now turning one!  Eli turned one in September and got to eat a lot of cupcakes and cake.  By the time we photographed his cake smash shoot he was pretty much a pro at the cake eating thing.  Just see for yourself....

Someone's almost big enough to ride all by himself!

A little bath time to de-cake....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I first met Sarah seven years ago during our freshman year of college.  We lived on the same floor of Brumby Hall at the University of Georgia.  If I remember correctly, our first night meeting was also our (or at least my) first Will Hoge concert. I don't think we missed one of his concerts for the next four years.  That was our thing. Its how we bonded.  In the crowd, singing at the top of our lungs as Will rocked out on stage with his guitar and harmonica.  

I have so many really great memories from college, but Sarah and our friends Laura, Becca, and Courtney are part of many of my fondest college memories.  I don't think there's anytime much sweeter in your life than being a freshman in college.  What I wouldn't give to go back to that time and relive our college years all over again. 

UGA was where I met my husband, and where Sarah met David. Its a special place for them for so many reasons, so we had to return to the Classic City for their engagement session. 

Fall in Athens is the best time of the year.  Football, cooler weather, changing was so great to be back for a weekend. 

Luckily for him, David lives in Athens so he didn't have far to travel. Sarah flew down all the way from Richmond and I couldn't be more happy to see both of them, in love, engaged, and looking forward to their future together as husband and wife.

Sarah and David, Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this exciting time in your lives.  I couldn't be more happy and excited for you two and can't wait to celebrate your love and your new life together at your wedding next summer! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thanks for stopping by the Hurst Photo Blog and welcome to my little space on the world wide web! I am Amanda Hurst of Hurst Photo. Here, you'll find all of my recent photo work.  I will also share some personal photos, and other fun adventures along the way!  I'll share with you my work, and in doing so, my life. 

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You'll probably see many pictures of the people and animals that I love! Meet my husband Alan, Harley, our pooch, and the sweetest kitty in the land (literally), Baxter.  They are my life and what matters most to me in this world.  I adore my family and friends, and treasure the relationships I have with each one of them. 
Photo by Abby Mims

Living our lives and enjoying time together is important. I cherish memories I make with the ones I love, and most likely, I will use my camera as a way to capture those memories forever.  To freeze a moment in time in order to hold on to it for a lifetime.  I am inspired by life. I find inspiration in my own life, but more importantly, the lives of others.   

I would love to meet you and the people and animals you love! And, yes, I will feed your animals and children treats, and probably try to take them home with me.  Send me an e-mail at if you want to get together for a photo session, have some coffee, dinner, a drink, dessert, whatever you'd like. I love meeting new people and making new friends!

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